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12-08-2004, 08:28 AM
Hi, I'm a new user here so excuse my limited knowledge on this stuff(but that does'nt mean that i can't understand everything).

So i noticed that I've hade some entries from the outside, I've noticed * different IP's that have been trying to use Netbus on me, so I checked the IP's up with the network tools on this page and what i find out that i can't ***** further than too my internet deliverer.

Am i doing wrong or does the ***** end there if I ain't got access to my deliverers data base?

Excuse me again if I've missed something beacause of my limited knowledge.


PS. I'd get the IP's with help from Norton Antivirus 2005

Ok, I've looked through the forum and i found this link: http://www.lookup-ip.com/main/06/

I think i get it, but I'm still a bit confused :confused: