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07-13-2006, 07:16 PM
Hey guys, Im having problems with my laptop, and I think its a virus. All my symptoms include: the link for paint is gone (MSPAINT.EX_ <-looks like that),
WordPad is gone, and my computer shut-off with out my prompting. (there are more oddities but its more like a feeling).
I ran anti-virus (Symantec), S and D, Ad-aware, and zone alarm's anti spyware.
So Im really lost and help would be nice.



07-14-2006, 02:13 AM
disk cleanup? (tmp files, cookies, etc)
msconfig and a diagnostic boot?
take a look through the registry (if your fear regedit, try hijackthis)
virus/spy/adware scans in safe mode? avg, avast, (I hesitate to even bring up clamwin but it is free too)
system volume restore?

I usually find that that takes care of the majority of malware related threats on a windows machine. May I also s***est disabling netbios and changing admin acct pws as well as monitoring incoming/outgoing for a while as a precaution. Its also a good idea to create a limited user acct for day to day use in case something silly happens an intruder or intruding program wont have full access to your machine.

If all else fails, you can always make an image of your drive save it to a disk, cd, dvd, even upload it to a (free if need be) site in a pw protected zip or something, wipe and start/w a clean slate secure in the knowledge you still have your files..infected perhaps, but at least they're there and accessable.

may I also add you'll want to do the majority of this with no net access (pull the cable) in case there is some sort of monitoring software running.

07-14-2006, 07:59 PM
Yea, I did most of that you mentioned. Ill try the others that I havent...
Thanks alot... If my other efforts fail, you will hear from me again...

~Toast,,,, Thanks!!!!!