View Full Version : Need some help.

08-29-2006, 07:52 PM
Ok as i mentioned in another post, i play this game called samp (san andreas multiplayer) i currently run a home server (where ppl connect to my pc to play it) until i finish the scripts and pay for a dedicated one ok heres my problem aparantly a bunch of people from this other server decided to steal my ideas of the server, when i consulted them about it they started crashing my server (my guess using a nuker/dos attacker) and its realy pissing me off,ok heres my question does anyone know of any good nuker/dosattacker that i can use to gain revenge by nuking their server (which is a homeserver to), aparantly the ones i found dont seem to do anything because their ping rises a couple of hundreds and goes back down and does not do any affect,so if anyone is willing to help me please i would realy apreciate it, heres my msn it will be better if u can contact me and help me: jakeborg@hotmail.com