View Full Version : X-Ufhash NNTP header query

12-05-2019, 09:13 AM
Hi, all :)
I'v been posting on newsgroups/usenet and trying to figure out how to query the X-Ufhash NNTP header that returns a long encrypted string :confused: to get meaningfull info
X-Ufhash : ZaQJEMf5JdvcWEOleKoXo4ljK0hv5rauvinj*qfPFH*gkEPA*vOw7Jqtkzj*SWuX6Q8ZeGvPfoGqFZipnXALeUtU8QLJQ5**NMFA EVrNG2z*xZ48ksSy%2BKsEFCn6UJps8tZrNOrMiMKF%2FNofAzkyepiHCjV5CTN*PZ%2BV54b86ugEh*hPoGwPMgxFJJ8naz5uHr %2BHog6zUm4qfvxfrhgiuz*7g%2BMO07eqsGuJ

is there some kind of way to decode ? :confused:
any ideas ? :confused:

thank's in advance :)