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03-22-2007, 02:39 AM
Before you jump on me, let me say that I saw the two other posts right at the top that are similar to what this one will be about. So, this isn't some stupid idiot posting the threepeat. ;)

In ym defense, this one is not pertaining to simply a language. I am new to this stuff, hacking and creating that is, and would like to ask if there are any websites you guys know of that offer free tutelage for any of the stuff I'll need to hack PC's, setup sites, protect my own computer, alter web data, ect.


03-22-2007, 12:49 PM
setup sites

To gain knowledge of making websites:

Learn about web programming languages here: www.w*schools.com.

Learn about website administration (such as using FTP) from forums, articles and tutorials found via Google.

hack PC's

protect my own computer

alter web data

The goals you listed related to hacking and cracking can only really be achieved by learning and gathering knowledge of computers and the Internet over time. If you find any tutorials covering specific methods of doing this, you will be following a script and there's only so far someone else's instructions can take you.

To break computer security, you should learn about how computers and the Internet work, learn programming languages and much more.

All of this should be done through search engines, Wikipedia and forums like this (but most of the time reading and searching others' posts on forums rather than posting every question you have).

There was a thread in the Internet Privacy section recently that may answer some of your questions: