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09-19-2002, 04:44 PM
I would consider myself a newbie. I am not a programmer nor do I understand comp. language. I have been reading and trying to learn all I can about anonymity. Especially after reading a thread I believe at FK Microsoft. Anyways, There are times where I don't want a sight,including my ISP, knowing what information or sights I've visited. Where I came from, where I am going, or where I live. I want my privacy Dammt!! So far I have Proxomitron. I can't believe the speed increase( I discontinued DSL). Although I haven't ******ed Promoxitron (I printed the whole help menu!), I was able to browse through proxies. I learned here that I can't chain the proxies with my IE 6( at least it didn't work for me as I typed in the example :proxyB:port/http://proxyC/http:// etc......After reading a little about using socks, decided to get a firewall. What decisions?? I am an indecisive person. Dozens of this software, dozens of that. I downloaded ATguard firewall. Maybe it was a mistake because after downloading it, I no longer could figure out how to use my proxy settings in Proxomitron. I followed the help menu but no success. I got frustrated and moved on to my next goal after the firewall( even though I haven't figured out totally how to configure the damn thing) and loaded up SOCKSCHAIN. Now that I have given you my current scenario( Proxo,ATguard,Sockschain), here are some questions that hopefully some of you savvy pros can help me with.

I want to browse/surf anonymously. How should I configure or combine the different software tools . Do I need all three? Should I get a different firewall? Which ones are compatible. Will Proxo and Socks work together? OR>>> should I just subscribe to one of the services advertised on the web such as Anonymizer,ZeroKnowledge, The Cloak,even this site, etc... Is my identity,location,computer info. really protected using these places? How about the other programs I see: Stealther,etc... Is it s***ested I get one of the system cleaners like: Evidence Eliminator,Ultrawipe,etc..?

I am trying not to buy a piece of software that does something I already have covered. By the way, I have Norton Antivrus and who knows if this thing even works or not ( I run a scan and nothing ever shows up, but for all I know someone has already hacked my machine).

My computer: P4 *.7 20G . Sorry I bought from Dell(Nosy), Sorry I have this IE 6 from Mcsft (Sneeky). I am going to take the advice from those here and get OPERA. It seems like a never ending problem to get this thing working like I want when I keep trying to learn another piece of new software. It is very confusing and frustrating. Anyones knowledge,experience, help,hints,etc.. is effusively appreciated. One last question with Sockschain: Do I need to worry more about someone gaining access or hacking my machine if I use socks? I'm on dial-up and my computer isn't on all the time. Thank you in advance for your time in helping me.

09-19-2002, 07:42 PM
Wow, I think your thread is too long for folks to address all at once. You have too many things going on with your computer at once also. You can really mess up your computer if you move too fast before doing your research. The reason I am responding is to give you a heads up re: zeroknowledge. They are based in Canada, I think. Anyway, as a result of glowing comments from PC magazine (thank you very much PC!!) we signed on with z.k. and got into their "nim" thing. It nearly brought our computer use to a halt. When we tried to cancel, we were told that they needed to get into our hard drive (hum, beware) to retrieve the nims. We would not allow that so they accused us of keeping the nims for resale. Excuse me, but what the heck is that scam? We had already uninstalled the service (we didn't have their nims). Wouldn't they have known it if we did? Hum again. Long story short, we didn't get our $5*.00 (expensive) back and thus paid for a whole year of service we didn't have. And lastly, with the very FIRST environmental check, our IP and server location was right there as big as life (while we had k.n. installed). Another reason for trying to cancel. We brought the issue to our ****** card co. and they said that they couldn't help with out of country investigation by them. So, please try to slow down. You will make the right decisions by viewing this forum and reading a great deal (classes are great too) before downloading stuff. Perhaps other members can address your concerns bit-by-bit.

regards, n

09-20-2002, 07:04 AM
Hello unreggies, your frustrations are warrented and duly noted but don't be discouraged. Everyone has or is going through exactly what your going through. For example, a coworker bought a Dell(Dude!) and was useing AOL(intrusive bstrds) which tookover his computer. Now he uses MSN's free DSL plan thingie with instant messager(I give him about two weeks till he's hacked). He's running XP(without the security update that I explained was available) and not useing a firewall.

I have tried and tried to guide him through some minnimal security steps for his sake and not my own ego but he thinks I'm paranoid....oh well, it's his computer. He asked me the other day why he get's ao many of popups.....he's on his own....when his computer blows up he can call Dell and get a taste of big company "******** service".

Some people you just can't reach but apparently the Unreggies have and seem to have a pretty good grasp on the subject of secure surfing.

Here is a site with some useful information


it's proximation's forum so you may have already browsed it but just in case......

HAve fun and let us know if you find the "secret formula" for private surfing because I would like to know it. :)

Good Luck! Unreggie (s)

Sigkim :) (this smile will be for Newbietoo at the end of all my posts)

I wish I had some helpful information for you but I'm going thru the same thing you are with proxys right now except with cable modem....

I did however browse a few sites that gave some excellent information on why not to use some of the annonymous services out there...so I'm comeing to the conclusion that finding and configuring proxy's might be the best way to go....besides you will be learning more about your computer as a positive side effect and that's why we are all here.

OOOOH.....ps...Get Opera!

09-20-2002, 01:07 PM
Well, lets see if I can get my name posted? If so, I am making progress in all areas. I know I am trying to learn and accomplish too much at once. Maybe I am a little envious of all the wizzes cruising around here,especially that FE VR dude. To the point, I plopped in a AOL free access disk( in my old computer) to see whats up. I immediately uninstalled after I saw how it took over my whole computer screen. My new Dell is another story, as I'm taking my time so I don't mess anything up. So far, I have Proxomitron, Atguard, and Sockschain. I can surf through proxies and I finally found the problems were when the proxies were No Good. Why do they work and then * hours later don't? It is important to find a current and updated proxylist. The feedback I get from the few replys indicate to stay away from the so called fee based anonymous providers. GREAT! I just eliminated one question.Lets see if I can get Sockschain to work properly. Multiproxy was no problem but I would like to go through more than * proxy server. Indications tell me I need to check on a new browser: OPERA. Since my IE 6 won't allow to chain. Why?questions: *. why do the proxies stop working?
2. If I install OPERA, do I just launch when I want to surf instead of IE? *. This won't effect how IE is configured if is inactive right? 4. Is it s***ested I uninstall IE? 5. I am using Atguard(free); anyone have any comments on this firewall (good/bad). 6. If I can get Sockschain to chain the proxies, my IE 6 problem not allowing to chain proxies is solved so installing OPERA is not necessary( I don't see OPERA listed as being compatible with Sockschain). Is this correct?

I hope this long questionaire helps answer not only my own questions, but also others who are in search of answers.

09-20-2002, 10:03 PM
Hello Robo, I'm glad to hear you're figureing out the proxy thing(fun...innit). As far as Opera is concerned I use it until I have to go to a site that only supports IE. I then minimize Opera and call up IE and gather the information I was looking for then close it..."maximize Opera and I'm off and running agian.

The two browsers don't duke it out like I thought they would and I have had no problems with Opera but that is just one experience and your Dell(dude):) may respond differently.

In each browsers prefferences you can check or uncheck if you want each browser to be the default browser. I simply "told" each to be good little browsers(IE was pouting) and be quiet until I call you up. They now sit until I ask for them.

The Opera download and installation was painless and non-intrusive, unlike Aol's which I had on my little computer and was a Bch to get rid of. I had also uninstalled Opera from my little computer and it went away no questions asked.Nice!

Opera also has many features that are fully customizeable and much more user friendly and intuitive than IE, in other words you don't worry about messing anything up because going back to the original setting is too simple. IE's preferance interface is much more intimidating.

Opera has never crashed. IE crashes once a day. Opera is a more secure browser. IE is a blabber mouth. Opera is free for personal use. It does however have a little banner ad in the top right hand corner that is loaded up once a week (according to Opera) so as not to take up surf time. But I don't know when it downloads so I never noticed it. The banner ad is easily ignored and minnimal, I forget it's even there. IE let's popups in left and right. Opera has a NO popup option that works! IE came with my computer and needs security downloads on a regular basis. Opera will rub your feet at the end of a long day(although only for paying ********s which I soon will be).

For more information about Oper's searching features check out http://www.searchlores.org/intro.htm There is alot of information about searching useing Opera's unique features.

The searchlores site is pretty good size and I got lost a few times but it is very interesting so I didn't mind looking around. There is even some proxy info.

Whatever your decision let it be your own, all the forum can do is tell of personal experiences that will hopefully help.

Check into past posts if you wish. I still find alot of info about FAQ's relateing to security.
I hope some of the "wizzes" can give you more in depth ********* help but till then happy surfing and keep checking in!



09-22-2002, 08:25 AM
An informative and entertaining post, sigkim. I enjoyed reading it.

While I haven't posted much lately, the name "Unreggie" is, and always has been, my personal, albeit unregistered, unique nic here in the Forum.

Therefore I would appreciate if you wouldn't apply it generically to unregistered posters in future messages.

Thanks for understanding.

Now excuse me while I go pet my good little browser for not crashing while I typed this :-)


09-23-2002, 12:19 AM
Thanks for the reply for your nic and have a very good day. I had to put a dunce cap on IE and put him in the corner after crashing three times....this is not a record sad to say.

Unreggie it is! and Unreggie it shall be! for Unreggie will be the name! :)

PS. I read an apology response on another site in which the author gave the same apology as John Cleese's paramount monologue in "A fish called Wanda". I'll post it here. Perhaps you will all get a kick out of it!

Have a very good day!