View Full Version : cracking ISP client software

08-09-2007, 06:01 AM
I'm given internet connection through a client installed on my system. Its a kinda program that allows me to log in using my user name and apss. After i'm logged in i get to access internet.


thats the link for the client download

Thats the client. As you can see its a client made my Elitcore gyus or those Cyberroam ppl. Well that thing with this is that it has loads of loop hole ( or meant to have). It starts like this when i'm doing a download and inbetween my download i log off. The download speed increases a lot but that is only for a short time and that too if i use a download manager. I was thinking if there is a way to freeze the client when its loggin off so that the high speed remains.... Its not like i'm cheats or anything they freaking provider takes more than $*0 a month and just gives me a shitty 64kbps.
This speed increase also occurs when the client is stuck when i log off .. It says logging off and then its stuck like that for a while.

i don't think you can use this client coz i live all the way over in india but still if you want there initial sever id to connect it its *72.*6.0.**.
I can give you my usrename and pass only if it helps...( it also uses mac address to conform identity).

Tell me iff you can modify this software or in your terms crack it??