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01-04-2008, 11:44 AM
- made by Breach


All you need for injecting this very useful stuff, is URL.
When you use them, delete the whole url bar, even http:// - leave your bar totally empty, and

then...onto the injecting.

First thing your have to type is '' java script: '' (without '' '')
That means we are using, guess what, javascript???
There are 2 main commands that you will use (sometimes even one) - they are: alert(); and


Now that we know something about this, we are going to make a simple task.
Go to any site and try to make a window appear saying: I got it

Try to do it on your own, and if you cant write it, look here:
java script:alert('I got it');

Cookies (yummy)

If you are not familiar with the term ''cookie'' please google it because i dont want to explain

it now.
So, after you found out what cookies are, we will learn how to view them.
We will check them with a simple script like this:
java script:alert(docu<i></i>ment.cookie);
Now, you will see a pop-up window displaying information on your cookies.

For editing, we have to use that void(); command
java script:void(docu<i></i>ment.cookie="Field=Value");
This script can change the existing info or create a new value.
Replace ''Field'' with an existing field or create a new values. Then replace ''Value'' with

whatever you want.
This is a very popular script:
java script:void(docu<i></i>ment.cookie="Authorized=yes ");alert(docu<i></i>ment.cookie);
This alert(docu<i></i>ment.cookie); at the end will show you the effect of this script.


To edit the values, you can sometimes edit the downloaded html and submit whatever you want.
Then, the form comes up.
Every form is stored like this: forms[x]
X is the number which starts with 0 and goes on by order (*,2,*,...)
The most common situation will be that x is 0 so,.... forms[0]

I saw a challenge on HTS requiring to combine e-mail and javascript.
You cant download the script but you can check to see what value a certain form element has by

using this script:
java script:alert(docu<i></i>ment.forms[0].to.value)

So, heres the example:
java script:void(docu<i></i>ment.forms[0].to.value=''your

Again, just like the alert(docu<i></i>ment.cookie); at the end will show you the effect.

Another example goes like this (also from HTS):


Try to figure it out

01-04-2008, 12:51 PM
Well, that's an alright tutorial, but here is a much better tutorial in my opinion. I hope you don't mind me posting it here: