View Full Version : SMTP to send mail manually

05-15-2003, 01:02 PM
I am trying to send an email to send mail privately and anonymously using Network-Tools.com server on port 25. This is just for educational purposes. However, I am facing the following problems.

I have been entering the data to a relay server (Network-Tools.com). Everything I type including HELO test and MAIL FROM: sender@somewhere.com is working fine. However when I type RCPT TO: abc@hotmail ... why is it that the server says that it is unable to send it to a hotmail email account although let us say the hotmail account really do exist?

I know SYMPA that is developed by Fever is able to send to the hotmail account through Network-Tools.com through port 25. The reason I wanted to send the email manually through telnet is for educational purposesCould anybody pls help?

Thanks a lot.