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04-08-2004, 12:23 AM

I'm an experienced computer user, but have just recently found a need to use anonymous &/or transparent proxies for web browsing. In particular, I need to mask my IP, (and any other info connecting my activity to me), while posting & interacting with web forums related to medical marijuana (MMJ).

I live in a state where MMJ is legal, & I am registered with the state, but participation in web forums on the subject is potentially risky due to the ridiculous policies of the US government.

It would be best if I could avoid use of these forums totally, but they are the only source of information/advice/assistance available to someone who depends on MMJ for medicine.

I have been trying to use anonymous proxies & transparent proxies that I have found on lists posted on the Internet. When I have used anonymous proxies, I have not been able to 'interact' with the forum, (it just so happens that the forum uses the exact same software as this forum). So then I tried transparent proxies. I have been able to interact & post to the forum, but today, I was looking at some FAQ's on the forum and All Nettools was referred to as a place to 'test' one's proxy - when I did, my Comcast IP was shown....

Now I'm confused since the website that provided the proxy address has testing tools and the proxy checked out OK.

It is a lot to ask for someone to explain the use of proxies, etc, (if you can give me some advice/info -that would be great), but if anyone can recommend some links to information that will explain proxies, and their use, I would greatly appreciate it.

I've been a network admin/computer consultant for *4+ years, so I'm familiar with the theory of using proxies & certainly don't need help with the basic of configuring my system. I need to understand more how the different types of proxies work & interact with websites, how to find reliable proxies to use & how to test/what the test results mean.

Thanks to all, in advance...



04-08-2004, 12:33 AM
Knowing that it sometimes takes a day or two to get responses, I posted my request for help & then started tooling around All Nuts....er, AllNets. Much to my delight, I found what I'm looking for in the Library......

Could I make a s***estion? Put some pointers/links in the FAQ's for inquiring minds that send people to the Library - intuitively I would not have guessed that the Library would be a place to look for this type of info.......

Thanks to the people running this forum for your work......