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  1. Ok you need to find yourself a file joiner/binder. Depending on the one you will be using,you need to bind the folowing way.
    file: server.exe = set to execute in windows or system
    file picture.jpg = set to execute in temp
    And important to make sure you change the "icon" for a jpg icon
    Then you need to send it inside a zip/rar file,if you send it alone,it will be obvious since it will have the extension .exe. I usually send it along with other pictures.
    If you still have doubts contact me at [email]w*b_st4lk*r@**********[/email]
  2. hello, id first like to say i tried searching the posts and i couldnt find what im looking for so i decided that asking you would be the best way to go. I wanna have a keylogger install silently on some ones computer when they open a picture that i send them. im using spytector. could you tell me how to attach the server on the picture and make the server install on their computer without them noticing when they open the picture. again im sorry i just couldnt find this anywhere. thanks
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