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  1. mike,
    i read in a thread that you make your own keyloggers.. how would you do this?? i have been here for awhile and since ive ccame here ive learned a lot but i still have not seen or herd of how to make your own key logger.. i need to make one that is undetectable because i believe that my cousin has been spreading information about my family over her computer and it has caused me and my father to almost loose our home and i cant have that happen my mom died a few months back and her side of the family is out to get us it seems and i dont know what to do anymore my only hope is to find out what my cousin has been saying to my family and to put a stop to it... i know how to crash her whole system i have learned that much but i cant do that untill i see what she is saying.. is their anyway that you could help me out and not give me a keylogger but teach me how to make one myself(i dont like handouts i like to work for what i get) thank you a lot in advance even if you cant help me
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