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  1. hi ezekiel! truly,, im a noob and i'm here to beg for your keylogger. the reason is because i got hacked. the story goes like this.. my real friend, he was helping me gaining my level on wow.. then, when he moved, he stole all my items that worth a lot of ***** in real world and the items meant so much to me.. i found a charactor that is using all of my items with exact options and stuff.. he just ignores me and i think its my friend.. i wanna hack him with ur undtectable keylogger and get my items back. this might sound like an excuse that i;m using to get yur keylog but it's not.. i actaully cried a few times and i even called him and he didnt get the call.. please send me.. my email is [email]ssd0*[/email] thanks..
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