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  1. PHP - Search Engine + local db + add entry

    A simple search engine + local db + add entry in php.

    File list
    add.php - Add links/text to db.txt
    db.txt - Where the links/text is stored
    index.html - The visual interface for the user...
  2. Optimal Earner V2 - Make from ***** per offer

    Tired of being broke? Don't having a dime online or offline? This program was created to help those in need of a purpose in life and in the wallet. Optimal Earner is a program that gives you a...
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    ASUS Wireless Router 4G-N*2 IP-Scanner

    This IP-Scanner gives the power to the user to scan for connected to the internet ASUS Wireless Router 4G-N*2. In the administration panel it's possible to do multiple tasks. From changing settings...
  4. Facebook Email Spy - Anonymous way to get his/her email

    The anonymous way to get his/her email without them knowing about it.

    Fill the form and get the email...
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    Simple Active Bot - Private Version

    Simple Active Bot is a set of individual tools created to scan the internet looking for some types of devices and perform tasks.
    The Private Version comes with more than 500 individual tools.

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