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  1. my issue has been solved!!

    my issue has been solved!!
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    Need help with windows narrator

    When I used Microsoft Edge I used to be able to click on a PDF or google doc and was given the option to “read aloud” the text. Now that I’ve switched over to Google Chrome I haven’t been given that...
  3. Mysterious bug or a virus? (Windows *0)

    I just got two notifications coming from the notification tab that's in the lower right hand corner (next to the time and date). The first one popped up as "Microsoft movies - this test notification"...
  4. Software that works like Fluke Net Tool

  5. Software that works like Fluke Net Tool

    At my job we have a Fluke Net Tool that, among other things, is very handy at identifying what port you are pl***ed into. For example, if you are at an end users desk, and the wall plate is not...
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