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  1. Installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine in Windows

    Un-install all the McAfee files off your computer if you dont want it anymore and see if you can switch on Windows defender then. If not, either buy McAfee or get some other anti-virus program or...
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    Building the FreeBSD OS from scratch

    I feel silly asking for help, but if anyone could help me with finding a way to capture screenshots from my dvds, Id owe you one. Im trying to redo my desktop to fit with my current mood, along with...
  3. Installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine in Windows

    the way you have designed your washing machine means that you have to have an opening in the "washing drum", or if you build a case around the "washing drum" you can make small holes in the "washing...
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    Moonbats Guide to FrontPage Hacking

    its says "anonymous" *5 gbp. Is that you?

    please forward the paypal confirmation mail to me, then i can sort out what went wrong and adjust the name accordingly in the database.
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