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Thread: I'm Need Information Of Windows 7 ultimate

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    I'm Need Information Of Windows 7 ultimate

    I received offer from [url][/url] can i buy Windows 7 ultimate at this price? help me, thanks!!!

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    Probably not...beware of scammers. If it is too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

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    If you're going to pay for it at all, you might as well pay full for the full version.
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    Yes. Beware of scammers, I think don't buy Windows 7 at any price. Try Ubuntu operating system.
    It is really very user friendly, I am using it trust me really. You may be see many problems afterwords of Windows. Ubuntu is open source and free also.
    It provide more security other then any Operating system.
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    Buy it at full price. Have it forever=]

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