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Thread: Help installing keylogger

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    Help installing keylogger

    Hey people I would deeply appreciate help because I am married and we are having a baby, i found out my husband is going out after work and tells me he is still in office, it could be something or nothing so i need to find out for the best interest of our family. He does not use the home pc but he uses the office computer all the time. I have not found yet a keylloger that you can install without having access to the computer and i caught one msg talking about party and girls. Please if anyone could tell me a good keylogger to be used in a remote pc even if i have to pay subscription would help a lot. Thank you

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    What you want is a remote install keylogger. They all work basically the same way. You make a server(or module) that you configure with your client. You enter in your settings, like where you want the logs sent to. Then you click "build" and the client builds your server/module. That is what you send/bring to the other computer, using email or thumb drive/cd etc. It must be executed(double clicked) then you are done. It will install silently. Here is a tutorial on win-spy. [url]http://www.keyloggerdownloads.com/installing-a-keylogger-on-a-remote-computer.html[/url]
    I like TGEYE keylogger or spytector

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    Thank you for the help, I'll try it!

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