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Thread: Find a location by IP Address

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    Find a location by IP Address

    this is a good site, [URL=""][/URL]

    its your one stop shop for Geo-Location IP Address lookups, Whois Database lookups and a Port Test Utility.

    Please try it out and leave any questions or comments you might have.
    [URL=""][/URL] your source for finding a geographical location from only an IP address, whois lookups and basic help and guidance via the forum.

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    this one puts me much closer to my location. [url][/url]

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    nice siite, tht is something new i learned today


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    Well in the first post the site which you have mention here its a really very nice site. I like its all of the functionalities as well as all of its features. But its my bad luck that the link is in the second post not possible to open in my system. It is working with all of others or not I don't know but on my system its showing me "Page can not display error".
    [url=]m* real karte[/url]

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    First site is good, it has all the tools for searching IP by country. 2nd link is less useful but this is also good.

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    It is a helpful site to search a location by IP adress but if the IP is changeable?

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