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Thread: someone abuse/spam your membership profile

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    someone abuse/spam your membership profile

    hi, i just want to lodge a report to you regarding there is a member abused your site by adding multiple (and same) back links on his member profile which links to his website/client's website to gain link popularity and DO NOT contribute any post in your forum.

    here he is : [url]*860*[/url] ( pretend as a vistior and build links and message in the "visitor message" tab )

    Yes, it sounds personal , because this guy also SPAM my blogs and directories. I deleted it over and over again and he keep register to spam me again and again. It make me angry and I do backlink analysis and found he SPAM other forum as well.

    he is a SEO guy, his website is pichalee .net

    Together we fight SPAM


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    Registered under,just file a complaint for abuse/spamming.
    Honestly don't think will help much but give it a try.
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    Re:someone abuse/spam your membership profile

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks a lot for sharing.


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