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Thread: INDIGOSOFT - Software Development Team

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    INDIGOSOFT - Software Development Team

    The INDIGOSOFT is a group of highly qualified specialist in the software engineering area. We have 8 years experience of the commercial software development.

    We are working in the following directions of the software development:
    - Applications development
    - Network applications development
    - Database applications development
    - Multimedia applications development
    - Web-applications and client-server applications development
    - Web page design

    The developers of the company have practical experience of the
    application development using a variety of development tools and

    Programming languages & technologies:
    HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, XML Web Services, ActiveX, WML
    PHP, Pascal, Delphi, JavaScript, JQuery, VBScript, Assembler

    Applications development:
    Win*2 API, MFC, OLE, STL, COM/COM+, DirectX, ISAPI extension

    Databases & db languages:
    Oracle, InterBase, MySQL, MS SQL Server

    Operating systems and Platforms:
    FreeBSD, Linux, Windows *5/*8/ME/NT/2000, MS DOS

    Deployment Tools:
    Install Shield 2000, Microsoft Windows Installer

    Our IM details:
    - ***: 78*74*
    - MSN: [email][/email]
    - ******* [email]indigosoftwaredevelopment@**********[/email]
    - AIM: [email][/email]
    - Gadu-gadu: 22828668

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    raju.mohan Guest
    *) difference between senior software engineer & principal software

    PSE is more on develping the architecture of application while SSE is mainly in coding the module or handling the molule.

    2) is principal software engineer/team lead (Java/JEE) a valid title


    *) Are Team lead & principal software engineer same?
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    INDIGOSOFT Software Development Team

    I think HTML should be removed from the poll since you have to use some form of html in any of the above server side programming - additionally - all the people who vote for PHP please post your PHP or Java Serverlet Creations

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