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Thread: Portable Keylogger.. PLZ help URGENT

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    Portable Keylogger.. PLZ help URGENT


    I am new to using keylogger, but I need * that can be installed into a usb rather than the pc i want 2 spy on itself, so that if i connect this usb with any pc it start recording all keystrokes without being visible, as the pc I want 2 use it on does not allow any software download.

    Please can som* help me asap.

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    Yep, sounds like you want a hardware keylogger. Although some software keyloggers do do that. Check out the reviews here, I think Spyagent has the feature to monitor from usb:


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    usb keylogger

    there are hardware keylogger ones out there, but you need some configutions and there is no "insert and use" ones, for more info about keylogger usage [URL=""]Click Here[/URL]

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