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Thread: What beginner programming language is suitable for developing minor programs?

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    What beginner programming language is suitable for developing minor programs?

    I have learnt some basic command line interpreters, and created a few scripts using them, so I am familiar with the protocols of creating programs, and required to know if there is a simple programming language, capable of developing minor applications, such as alarms, and auto clickers.

    Not bothering with C++, too complicated currently.

    Additionally, if you could post a link to x programming language's tutorial, that would be great.

    Thanks in advance.
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    As per your comment I s***est you to check for Visual Basic 6.0 language. This is a language for desktop application in which you can build a small applications.
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    In my case, I was into contract-oriented programming languages and since solidity had just come out back when I developed an interest in coding, I took that up.
    I have a few solidity tutorials if you would like to see them:
    I can recommend this in case you have at least minimum required basic coding language since this is an advanced platform.
    Either way, you can give this a shot.

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