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Thread: How do people get viruses, trojans, worms, etc.?

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    bundled loadimg is booming

    my experince s***ests that the most efficient vector is to associate some adware with the content that users would love to get. Imagine, say, nearly any office worker at least once wanted to convert pdf back to word. So you get a free program like that and bundle it with adware. The scheme might be legitimate, your adware is announced, users agree by failing to uncheck the box which is checked in advance, everything is pretty legitimate. Example of such adware scenario is adsmatte, you may leran more here [url][/url]

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    virus, malware and trojan can get into your computer via different means. The most popular and common is via internet surfing/downloading. Others can be via flasdrives, infected programs on CD etc.

    got a new virus infected into my system last week, do not know how. AS I have firewall, vpn and antivirus all working. This virus edits out content on my word documents. Hence , making it not readable anymore.

    There are different ways wherein you could be infected. Most of those viruses, trojans, and malwares were from a website you probably visit, from a file you downloaded from the web or from an email by which people could send you an attached virus. You have to be careful. In order to be safe you should always have an update of your AV and other security apps in order for you to be protected from those.
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