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Thread: Internet video chat privacy??

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    raju.mohan Guest

    Internet video chat privacy??

    If you video chatted on the internet can it be seen by others in the world?
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    yes your isp can see whats going on. your government can see too.

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    raju.mohan Guest
    It's a video chat app that doesn't require any downloads (only Flash and you probably have it installed already) and it's really easy to us. The chat also allows you to do a lot of stuff together with your partner (games, youtube and such) and it's a really fun way to stay in touch.
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    The importance of security for all personally identifiable information associated with our users is of utmost concern to us. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be *00% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect your personal information, we can not ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us from your VoiceandVideoChat, PC, or Internet Service Provider and any such transmissions are at your own risk. Once we receive your transmission, we make our best effort to ensure its security on our systems.[url=]Facebook Layouts[/url]

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    I like it video chat very much and use since many years

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    Internet video chat privacy?

    Privacy is most important thing, privacy make secure our database, So privacy make
    secure to internet video chat etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raju.mohan View Post
    If you video chatted on the internet can it be seen by others in the world?
    that depends on your worker ...he can block access for whatever country he wants
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    if someone has special intention and spy on your online chat.

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