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Thread: How to remove trojan virus?

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    raju.mohan Guest

    How to remove trojan virus?

    I got this virus from frnd's pen drive,in D drive i copied * file from that pen drive which was somehow not completely copied due to the virus.
    Now the problem is the folder in which i copied stuff from pen drive is showing *7.0 kb instead of showing(folder of size more than *2gb) coz it has already got some big multimedia files.
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    A Trojan virus uses several means to disseminate on the Internet and copy. Therefore, if you want to know how to remove trojan virus, you should be aware of ways to infect target computers.

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    I have windows 7 on my laptop. I used the online eset scanner it says that there is a win*2 trojan there but I am assuming it can't clean it. Of course if I try to install anti-virus software it just stops midway and doesn't complete. So I can't just install software, I was surprised that the eset scanner worked. I am at work and we don't have wireless here so I don't have internet access until later. Please tell me how to remove this virus and if possible how to remove it without using the internet. I am not a computer wiz but I do know some things so please explain in detail. Thanks in advance!
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    If you are at work,how are youi posting? have your IT person remove it.

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    Because Trojan horses are a variety of forms is not a single method to remove them. The simple answer concerning the settlement of temporary Internet files and delete the file manually. In general, anti-virus software can detect and remove the trojan automatically.
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    Remove a Trojan virus,Launch an anti virus program that you should have installed on your computer, such as Symantec's Norton or McAfee. Wait for the program's window to appear, then go to Disk View, Highlight your computer, then select Scan/Repair so that the anti virus can detect the Trojan and trash it,exit the anti virus program on your Mac,Restart your computer again to ensure that the Trojan has been deleted,Empty the trash can on your computer once it is back up and running,Disable the System Restore feature if you're a Windows user. Go to Start at the bottom of your screen, then right-click the My Computer icon to go to Properties Check Turn off System Restore under the System Restore tab in the Properties window, then select Apply Confirm that you want to disable System Restore by clicking Yes and OK Update your virus definitions in your anti virus program.
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