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Thread: Fatal error

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    Fatal error

    When I reinstall my XP sp*, it shows me a error. Fatal Error" One of the components that Windows needs to continue setup could not be install" and "Installation Failed:E:\I*86\asms. Error Message:[Incorrect function]"

    It's strange, I use legal XP CD and IBM desktop

    Could you tell me how can Solve this problem?

    thanks in advance


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    what happened that would require you to reinstall your sp*? is this a ***** install with reformat and everything?

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    microsoft posted a memo about sp* package update, that some legit
    user can experience problem like yours.

    it was part of a problem with their new anti-piracy upgrade.

    any how, just contact them and they will send you a new serial and
    the way to change it without reinstalling xp.

    hope it help.

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