New version: 2.*.4

a major release with a new interface, new features such as built in PPTP support and various bug fixes. This is a recommended update for all older clients.

* New and improved interface:
o Improved design:
+ Realizable.
+ Fits netbook resolutions.
+ Header clearly states if you are connected or disconnected.
+ Support navigation easily identifies ways to contact our support team.
+ Hide My Ass! references are now rebranded as HMA! (logo is also toned down).
o Dash***rd:
+ Easily change server location without having to go to the main country list. Shown when disconnected and connected (if connected, selecting a new country will automatically connect you to server of choice).
+ Protocol selection drop down. Choose between OpenVPN or PPTP easily.
+ 'Change IP' button is a quick way to reconnect and get a new IP.
+ 'Check IP' button takes you to a third-party IP address checker website to confirm your identity has been changed.
+ 'Schedule IP address change' button takes you to the IP address settings tab.
+ Connection log large view allows you to see a larger view of your connection log without having to export to NotePad.
o Country selection:
+ VPN countries are split into groups making locating servers easier.
+ OpenVPN and PPTP radio buttons enable you to switch server lists.
+ Spacious interface fitting more servers in default window size.
+ Obvious how to scroll and see more countries (some users did not see the scroll bar on our previous versions and thought we only offered 5 servers)
+ Map tab:
# Displays a list of available server nodes on a map. Rollover with cursor to see information about server location. Left click to select the server location.
# Clusters server locations which are close together (until you zoom in). This prevents some markers hiding other markers (which makes it look like there is only one location). Rollover to see the list of servers in this cluster. Click cluster to zoom in on locations.
# Plots user location on map using GEOIP city database (will not be *00% accurate) using a red marker with a key icon. Rollover to see your current IP address and location information.
# Draws a red transparent line between user location and VPN server location (if a location is selected, e.g. NOT random).
o IP address settings:
+ Added 'seconds' field to schedule IP address change. Now you can specify minutes and seconds.
+ IP address checker website options let you choose the default website for the 'Check IP' button.
o Proxy settings:
+ Simplified fieldset.
o Billing and packages:
+ Displays billing information like before + current pricing.

* Built in PPTP protocol support:
o Connect to our PPTP servers without manual setup.
o No need to create network places for every server.
o Easily switch PPTP servers using the same interface style as OpenVPN.
o Easily switch between OpenVPN or PPTP.
o Connect using your OpenVPN/control panel password without needing to know the machine generated PPTP password.

* Other bug fixes / improvements:
o Connect/disconnect speed improvements. Connecting and disconnecting too quickly caused some weird connection problems. We have fixed this and now you can connect and disconnect as quickly as you like. Connection time is also now twice as fast for OpenVPN. PPTP connection time is pretty much instant!
o AWAITING TUN/TAP issue fixed. Sometimes connecting to a VPN server resulted in this error and the VPN connection would fail. A change to the OpenVPN server-side configuration file fixed this. Older versions are not affected by this fix!
o Downloading of configuration file. For older versions, the OpenVPN configuration file was downloaded for each new VPN connection, if the configuration file failed to download, the connection would fail. Now the configuration file is only downloaded upon launch of the VPN client. Client configuration file is then stored in a temporary directory and then changes LOCALLY based on server selection from the VPN client.
o HTTPS (SSL) file downloading. All server-side file downloads needed for the client to function (such as server list, billing info, IP lookup, openvpn config file) are now downloaded using HTTPS for increased security.
o Diagnostics does not reveal your saved password in plain-text.
o Country list automatically updates every 2 hours. Some people keep their client open for days/weeks and do not notice when new servers are added. Now our server list will update frequently.
o Warning popup explaining why 'random' server selection is not ideal for speed reasons.
o Client size now just 2.67MB.
o Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributable package is no longer installed (before it would install to default drive causing a file mess, e.g. C:\).
o Installation now checks if you have the latest .net framework installed.
o Automatically launch on start-up does not load up the cmd.exe terminal window every time you start your computer.
o If you save your password, it is now stored using AES encryption and not plain-text in your registry.
o Log file truncates to save memory and reduce lag. Client now works more smoothly.
o Improved server-side country list with formalized server naming. If we have more than one server in the same location, we use LOC# and S#. LOC = location number and S = server number. For example it is possible to have servers in the same state or city, but in a different location.
o Minimize does not minimize to tray, but instead minimizes to task bar. Closing minimizes to tray only.
o Fraud warning on last step of installer alerting users we do not have resellers and if you have bought your VPN account from a third-party you may have been defrauded.
o *0 retries of server-side files. If client can not download the server list, billing info, config files etc it will keep retrying until *0 tries are up and then displays an error. Before the client only tried to download server-side files once.
o 'Your new IP address' information now displays the full location. For example if you select a USA server, instead of your new location being just 'USA' it is now 'USA, Florida, Tampa'.
o System tray icon has 'Connect', 'Disconnect', 'Change IP' and 'Quit' menu.
o Launch on startup now gets uninstalled when you uninstall the client, uninstalling before did not remove the launch trigger.
o Tab positioning is now in order. E.g. if you press the tab button all form elements are in order of tab.
o Form validation. All forms are checked for data validation; e.g. you can't enter letters in a numbers only input box.
o Improved update notification. *.8 notified you when a new update was released, but gave you no choice. The new system has buttons 'Download' and 'No thanks' and also allows you to select 'remind me again in X days' so that you are not b***ed every time you open.
o If you launch the client offline, it will retry to download the required online files *0 times. If *0/*0 times fail a popup error message will show.
o Improved closing of OpenVPN connection. Before the program would wait * seconds, which may not be enough to close the connection properly. Now it will actually make sure the connection is closed, hovewer long it'll take.
o Fixed crash if you try to export an empty log.