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Thread: Hmm, my first hacker?

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    Hmm, my first hacker?

    I got this weird email today and the subject was "hacked" and the message said hacked my cool zero and something else about hitler, the a bunch of stuff in arabic. i translated the arabic and it was all mixed up but also had some disturbing stuff about hitler. THEn i was going to a site i usually go to and something else poped was some really creapy pictures and it said cool zero on it and more arabic and when i translated that it went along with the previous message. What the heck sould i do!?!?!? please help!

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    I would say that You just got some virus / worm. It exploits through e-mails and when You open current mail, virus automaticlly gots in to Your Windows system, by copying and registering himself. So the idea could be quite simple: when You're opening some web page, it automaticly assiocates standart pop-up from some url... i doubt that someone hacked u up... but who knows


    p.s. Zero Cool was a nickname for the hacker in movie called "The Hackers". I doubt that hackers would choose [copy] this nick to themselves. Even if it is like that - it is more like young phreaker, neither hacker.

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    It wasnt a pop up though, when i clicked to go to the site, it went strait to the creapy site. if it is a virus/worm how do i get rid of it?

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    :: how to clean a viruses ::

    First of all:
    Do You already have some licensed or 'also clean' anti-virus
    software on Your PC? If You have one, it should automaticlly
    download the newest virus definitions from the Internet.
    Of course, if You have set up some firewall soft where is no
    rule set for anti-virus software or You have switched off
    automatical downloads nothing will happen.

    If You don't have anti-virus software: You can buy it or
    try to get some new stuff through p2p services.

    If You don't want to buy or do peering stuff, only chance is
    to work hard:
    try to look through processers in Task Manager. If You have
    virus, some suspicious task should be there. You can also
    check out the soft which is automatically load-up on Your PC
    when it starts. Or just try to see some 'brand' of the home
    page where it is taking You to.

    Then go to [url][/url] ... there is
    a search option. May be by Your entered keywords some virus
    or trojan could be find. And mostly there is an Removal Tools

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