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Thread: Myspace private PICS!

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    Unhappy Myspace private PICS!

    OK here is the deal maybe you can help me maybe not but at this point i have tried everything else.

    I had a child with some crazy bitch about 8 years ago. This chick started fawking a cop and me thrown out of my own house I tried to fight for visitation to see my little girl but being she had tits she got a free lawyer and i had to pay for all my resets that she postpone in order to run me out of *****. IT WORKED. There was nothing else I could do but move on with my life it was hard to do but * months ago i get a paper in the mail saying i owe this bitch $4*K yea thats right I was blown away. Anyways I'm now married with * kids going to school and now I have to deal with this shit.

    I'm not looking for pity from noone I'm just a dad that wants to see what his girl looks like after 8 years. The last time I seen her was when she was * months old. I know I have giving alot of info on a forum I just joined but like I said I have nothing else to try. In fact I only want the pics of my little girl.

    If someone could help it would mean alot if not i understand my problem is not yours but it never hurts to ask.

    The URL to her page is: [url][/url]
    Her FriendID is: 846**70*
    She also has a Facebook account if they are easier to get into.

    My Email is : [email]Madmick7*@**********[/email]

    If this is even something that can be done just hit me up Via email. If someone can get me them pics I would be willing to throw some cash there way..


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    Dude, start your search @ spokeo.[url][/url]

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordo View Post
    Dude, start your search @ spokeo.[url][/url]

    Tried that. She is 28 I found nothing. I'm pretty savoy when it comes to find info but like i said I hit a dead end.

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