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Thread: How to get an IP on e-mail address

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    How to get an IP on e-mail address

    Hello! How can I get an IP if I know the e-mail i get messages from. The email is registered on russian server Please write step-by-step how can i do this. i need it very much. you can send me [email][/email].

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    First of all:
    it depend on the way You are reading Your mails.
    If You are using some client, like Microsoft Outlook:
    * open the message in new window
    * click on 'view' -> 'options'
    * there will be a box called 'Internet Headers'
    * so there should be something like this:
    Received: from web20420.mail.********** (web20408.mail.********** [66.*6*.*6*.*6]) by ghoti.ig*.net with SMTP (Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service Version 5.5.265*.**)
    id A4R402; Wed, ** May 2004 20:2*:58 +0*00
    Message-ID: <200405***42678.2*66.qmail@web20420.mail.**********>
    Received: from [xx.xx.xx.xx.] by web20408.mail.********** via HTTP;
    So: instead of those 'xx.xx..' will be the IP which will be senders IP.

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    Yes,its like ghoti said,unless its fake mail.


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    in outlooks express... right click on email on list properties ...view message source

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    how about yahoo mail?

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    for yahoo, go to your mail options and set the option to see full email header.


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    IPs on email

    Not all email providers show the senders IP, but only show their own. I could tell you which I use, but I won't LOL.

    If you're trying to trace a spammer, it's usually pointless trying to do it through the email IP - they use one-shot accounts at Hotmail, Yaho, AOL, etc. and mail-bombing software.

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