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Thread: Whats the best keylogger to monitor my kids computer?

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    Whats the best keylogger to monitor my kids computer?


    Im looking for a good reliable, keylogger to monitor my kids computer when there surfing the net.
    Does anyone vouch for any of the keyloggers on this website: [URL=""][/URL]

    Or if not can anyone recommend to me a reliable keylogger?


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    spectorsoft pro if you want to read the logs etc on the same computer that the kids use. Eblaster if you want to have the logs sent to another computer to read. [url][/url]
    The onlyu one I have tried on that other page is winspy, I didn't like it. I have heard good things about webwatcher.

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    I would like to recommend you this[url=] parental control[/url], and it offers a free trial, you can have a try.

    Hope it will be useful for you!!!!

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    The best protection is a K-* Web Protection. Best of all its free! Install it on any computer with an Internet connection! There is no need to mess with the router. Set the controls to prevent what it is and set a password to bypass the site of obstruction, which we know is right.
    []Web Design[/url]

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    If you want to receive the logs remotely the best options are Remote-Spy and Spytector: [url][/url]

    If you check the logs on the kids computer, you can use a parental control program like IAmBigBrother: [url][/url]

    Many [url=]Keyloggers[/url] here: [url][/url]

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    Smile best keylogger

    spyagent is a smart keylogger i know of,
    works fine with good supports.

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