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Thread: Hardware advice

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    minaadel1994 Guest

    Hardware advice

    Here are my specifications : intel core 2 quad 2.4 GHZ processor , Nvidea geforce *500GT (*gb) graphic card , 500GB hard disk , 8GB ram
    cooling system : air cooled
    my mother***rd reaches 50 degrees celcius and my graphic card reaches 74 degrees celcius... i'm asking if that is too hot or if i should cool it more...

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    A quick poke around google, and it looks a little hot. to me. [url][/url]
    You should probably look for your exact processor.

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    minaadel1994 Guest


    None of those is my processor, but it isn't the processor i'm worried about , it's my mother***rd! it reaches 50 degree celcius just by sitting around doing nothing, it used to reach 4* at max when gaming :S
    and my nvidea graphic card is also heating up while doing nothing on it... when i used to game it was like 60 degree maximum! now it's around 72 - 74 degrees ceclius
    i should probably open the computer and clean the fans up!

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    None of those is my processor
    heh, I don't know where I got cpu temp.
    But google tells me the mother***rd temp is too high, and the graphics is borderline too. I would cjeck the manufactures site to be sure.

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    Thanks for this information. This information is very helpful.

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    Thanks for this information...................................

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    Thanks for the help

    thanks for the info and help

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