Thanks for your reply and info.

Unfortunately, I don't believe the Forum Adminstrator is that "forgiving". It it's the "same IP".... "You're outta here!!!".

I have downloaded Mozilla's FIREFOX and will install it. It sounds like changing the proxy IP is easier (or, quicker) than Netscape or Internet Exploiter... opps, I mean Internet Explorer. Couldn't help myself with that bit of humor.

My hunch was right, about using "the same" proxy IP if I connect to the Forum... even if I use a different "user name" to make postings.

So, I'll have to keep ***** of which proxy IP I'll use for each "user name". And, hope I don't accidentally make the mistake of switching them.

Years ago, when browser versions were changing frequently, I would have * or 4 different browsers on my computer. Each browser worked seperately from the other. I had Netscape *, 4, Gold and Internet Explorer. Each browser had different bookmarks and configurations.

I suppose I could do the same, again. Although, I don't know if different versions of Internet Explorer will work seperately or share the same cache and other settings.

Any other s***estions regarding proxy servers... when used connecting to Internet Forums... and trying to keep your anonymity... would be appeciated.