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Thread: How do I use a public proxy?

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    Thanks for your reply and info.

    Unfortunately, I don't believe the Forum Adminstrator is that "forgiving". It it's the "same IP".... "You're outta here!!!".

    I have downloaded Mozilla's FIREFOX and will install it. It sounds like changing the proxy IP is easier (or, quicker) than Netscape or Internet Exploiter... opps, I mean Internet Explorer. Couldn't help myself with that bit of humor.

    My hunch was right, about using "the same" proxy IP if I connect to the Forum... even if I use a different "user name" to make postings.

    So, I'll have to keep ***** of which proxy IP I'll use for each "user name". And, hope I don't accidentally make the mistake of switching them.

    Years ago, when browser versions were changing frequently, I would have * or 4 different browsers on my computer. Each browser worked seperately from the other. I had Netscape *, 4, Gold and Internet Explorer. Each browser had different bookmarks and configurations.

    I suppose I could do the same, again. Although, I don't know if different versions of Internet Explorer will work seperately or share the same cache and other settings.

    Any other s***estions regarding proxy servers... when used connecting to Internet Forums... and trying to keep your anonymity... would be appeciated.


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    ...a reply to UNREGISTERED who wrote:

    "and last how many forums do you have to go just to finalize your attack? you seem eager to know this things i just hope you dont use it and abuse some message ***rd after all the help you get.

    I take exception to your alligation that I "attack" or "abuse" Forum message ***rds.

    My sole purpose in maintaining my * different "user names" is to maintain my "persona" in the different "topic" areas of the Forum.

    I do not abuse the Forum rules and regulations, and if I did, the Forum Administrator has every right to delete my posts and revoke my posting privledges. The use of a proxy server will not negate this right.

    I simply want to maintain seperate "user names" for different Forum topic areas.

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    Can you run a forum through multiple proxies to protect the anonymity of your users?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to run a forum through a multitude of changing proxy servers. This I hope would set up an air of anonymity. What I mean by this is that say I had a forum and I wanted to keep the contents of my forum strictly to members of the forum would that be possible through the use of a proxy server. If not could someone tell me how to create something like that.

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    Proxy servers can be used to evade Website blocking software on a network, or to hide the origin of a request to a server. If the proxy server is needed to create anonymity, then the same proxy server can be used and embedded in the browser settings so it is used automatically on all traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delphi View Post
    Ok, go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN Settings then click "Use a proxy server". Input the proxy address into the left box and the port (the one after the colon) in the right.
    Yes, exactly thanks for sharing here, as it was an exact process of connecting or using a proxy server.
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    As a precaution, I have Firefox configured to delete cookies when I close my browser, and I do that automatically before I change proxies in any event. I don't know if this is strictly necessary, but why take chances?

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    Hi! I once tried to use free proxy, but then rejected them. Too many problems (low speed, the threats of data security, etc.). Now I only use paid proxes ( and enjoy complete anonymity and high productivity. Good luck!
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    Free Proxy

    A friend introduced me to this link, you can find a lot of free proxy there.

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    I'd rather VPN than proxies. Although they both use all benefits with the server, the VPN is very easy to connect an disconnect.

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    thanks for the information and help guys

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    I already use AOL, but I need to use another Proxy to become completely anonymous.

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    Using a free, public proxy doesn't require authentication. Once you obtain the proxy IPort from the source/proxy provider, you can go ahead and load it directly to your browser's proxy settings.

    Sharing here how it's done in Internet Explorer

    * Go to Tools> Internet Options
    2 New window will appear, click on Connections > LAN Settings
    * On Proxy server, click “Use a proxy server for your LAN”. Press Advanced.
    4 Enter the IP in HTTP proxy field. Enter the proxy's corresponding port in Port field.
    5 Check “use the same proxy server for all protocols”.
    6 Click Ok, then try to browse.
    Free Proxy List by

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