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Thread: McAfee sued over malfunction of its A/V software

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    McAfee sued over malfunction of its A/V software

    It has been over seven years I figured out how phony McAfee and Norton antivirus software are.
    Back then I was running Windows*8SE, and frankly I thought that - then costly antivirus software, will mean good quality protection.

    Until a good hearted cracker, opened up a SubSeven in my box and told me how vulnerable my system is. All that while I was feeling pretty proud of myself of having had bought Norton, McAfee and BlackIce Defender and using them on my system.

    Here is the latest goof McAfee just did:

    An Australian software developer is considering suing McAfee after the antivirus company wrongly identified his Internet setup program as a Trojan horse in a recent virus definition update.


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    chances are that a heuristic algorithm caught it.


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