How to detect a Mac Keylogger?
A keylogger for mac os x is software that records everything you type. It can be used to steal passwords, record web weistes, take screenshots, steal ****** card numbers, PIN numbers, **** accounts and personal information. Although Macs are infected with keyloggers less often than PCs, they are not immune to the [URL="http://aobo.**/aobo-mac-os-x-keylogger.html"]keylogger mac[/URL] problem. There are several ways to detect a keylogger on a mac, from simply reviewing the processes running on the computer to using a [URL=""]mac os spy[/URL] detection program.

Step * Open the Activity Monitor to check for unknown process. This system tool will allow you to view the programs (processes) currently running on your computer.

Step 2 Check and Research any unfamiliar processes running in your “Activity Monitor.” Critical system processes sometimes have unrecognizable names, however, and keyloggers may have a name that sounds legitimate.

Step * Download and install a [URL=""]mac keylogger[/URL] detector or another software firewall. This type of mac software alerts you when another program tries to connect to the Internet. It will detect a keylogger for mac before it sends information over the Internet, and allow you to block it.