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Thread: Can I learn .net using Perl or Java?

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    Can I learn .net using Perl or Java?

    Can I learn .net using Perl or Java?
    I am an experienced programmer and have used various flavors of Visual Studio in the past for Basic and C. But my recent 8 years of work has been Linux and I have missed out on the move to .NET.

    I would like to learn .NET, the new models, security, etc, without worrying about language issues. Is this possible using Perl or Java? What do I need to D/L or buy to start?
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    aliza Guest


    may be i can buy one

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    Trying to find which is the "fastest" can only be done by identical experiments:
    - You write a piece of code in all languages, with the SAME source (input) and objective (output).
    - Make this in a repeat loop (for/next) to multiply the length.
    - Start a timer at the beginning of the program,
    - Stop it when the program has completed its work.
    - Get the total time.
    - Compare performances with the other languages.
    It seems evident to say this, but EACH language has its own fast and slow processes, and finding the "fastest" is really a question of WHAT you are doing!
    You also have to take care of each CALL you make:
    In PhP, two or three similar functions would give you the same answer, but some take longer to execute (sometimes 20 times longer!) By just using a different function, you can make your code much faster!
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    For advanced programming levels, you can attend a couple of TECH-ED sessions that gets you plenty of learning as you would in a crash course with enough time to get your doubts cleared from Microsoft's product development managers themselves. I think there's one coming up in Barcelona, Spain sometime soon. Apart from videos and webcasts, Wrox publications have good books on most of the popular NET languages as well.
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    .NET is different then pearl or Java, That isn't say you couldn't get a program to do both. But to learn .NET you need Visual Studo. They have free versions for all the .NET (C# VB.NET) and so forth.[url=http://stctechnologiescorporatetraining.in/]STC Technologies[/url]|[url=http://stctechnologiestraining.in/]STC Technologies[/url]|[url=http://stctechnologiesgroup.com/]STC Technologies[/url]

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    well, i do not about the perl but both java and .net platform is totally different so if you want to learn .net then it will better to know Visual Basic to you.

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