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Thread: online keylogger?

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    online keylogger?

    I was wondering if theres any sort of online key logger that will set everything up for you. If im paying 50 bucks or whatever the cost is for a specific program i want it to be hassle free. I want it to be able to set everything up itself and get the file i need to send over the internet ready to go so all i have to do is send it via email and then im getting emails or whatever as updates. Im not good with computers and i cant set it up and all that. Is there anything out there like that?

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    Google for keylogger tutorial. All remote install keyloggers work basically the same. You have the client program, which you enter in your settings. The settings would be the email address you want the logs sent to. The smtp server, port number and password for the email account. For instance Use gmail.
    send from= your [email]name@**********[/email]
    send to=any email you want or use the same email account for sending and receiving.
    port number=587
    smtp server name=smtp.**********
    password=the password for your gmail sending account.
    Now grab the trial version of tgeye or spytector and try it using the test buttons.

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    Talking online keylogger

    keyloggers are like any other software, it is not complex to install. commercial keyloggers all have detaied guides on how to install and set up. for remote spy i recommend sniperspy.

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    I agree with the above post, TGEYE is probably what your after. Take a look here:

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    Here are many keylogger that are easy to use, SpyAgent, Realtime. [URL=""]SpyTech Spy Software[/URL]

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    Zombi1 Guest
    You can use [URL=""]ProteMac KeyBag Pro[/URL]
    ,it' s key logger as well.I use it.It's programm record yout password,your keystrokes .

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