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Thread: Start with Exchange 2007 or Exchange 20*0

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    Start with Exchange 2007 or Exchange 20*0

    I have little experience with Exchange 2007 but I have installed it on a VM. I have not used Exchange 20*0. I'm wondering what the experts think in terms of starting [URL=""]MCTS[/URL] studying for either version, for example: 2007 because I'm a noob to this version or 20*0 because it's the latest and greatest.

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    When you send an email it should not show your server's internal name, but rather it should show something like ""

    Check your MX record and also make sure who ever is managing your DNS that they have a PTR record setup properly.

    You can check these items from a website called MXTOOLBOX

    You can also do a NSLOOKUP and type in your mail server name. Also do a reverse lookup to make sure the proper results are returned.
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