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Thread: Surf by anonymous proxy...Sure .........??

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Surf by anonymous proxy...Sure .........??

    Keep in mind that the NSA, FBI Etc! are operating some of these so called "Anonymous" proxy servers! and software versions......Blink.....Blink!....They Got'ya!

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    Unregistered Guest

    I Agree!

    looked at: and in the privacy statement they indicate that the data collected cannot be associated to any web page and or any user, the data is only used for maintenance of the servers and site, and below that under "DISCLOSURE" says! "we may be forced to disclose information to the government or third parties under certain circumstances" So what does that mean? Looks like they are and can relate the data to a user if need be! Strange, you offer "Anonymous services" and then log data! Ok, everyone face the wall, pull down your pants, bend over, now what?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Honest To Gosh!

    Yeah! I am going to set up a privacy surfing web site for everyone I don't know! Because it's my right and yours to surf the net without invasion and do it for free! Geeez, I am A nice fellow! Back to reality now! Another such free site I visited stated on the "faq" page, why do you offer free anonymous surfing and other sites charge, and the reply, we think it's everyones right to surf free rather then be charged so why don't you ask them why they charge? Who on earth is going to offer such free services without getting something in return ? ***** ? Data ? Advertising you say........ Thats It!
    Did someone agree to offer hidden "key word" code to ***** data in order to get the monkey of it's back, I wonder ? I just wonder ?

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    silverflow Guest


    ** - **
    The Defense Information Systems Agency
    Room BF655A, The Pentagon
    Washington, DC

    I use it for privacy against "normal" u and me...not from the government...(use good encryption ppls)

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    What's the port for that?

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    Boris_Moscow Guest
    FBI servers:

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    Unregistered Guest

    I see!

    Very interesting, I just don't think you can surf "anonymously" Period!

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    only people who do something illegal need these proxyes.
    anyway - it only called anonymous. all recorded, unless it private paid service with good reputation.

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    Legion Guest
    for anonymous surfing and good encryption tools go to [url][/url] we offer proxy highly anonymous and socks free to all plus tutorials how to surf anonymously. register to access our proxy section.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Any good\reputable proxy websites

    I read through some of the posts on this topic and have a few questions. I interested in using a proxy simply to add more security while me and other family members in my house surf the net. Recently I got a nasty piece of add-ware put on my p.c. that sets my homepage in i.e. and wouldn't let me change it... It was a pain in the butt to remove too...

    Are their any good\reputable websites out there that you could s***est?

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    Legion Guest
    you can check it []HERE[/url] for proxy and surfing anonymously.

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    Unregistered Guest


    i got a good porgram to use go to [url][/url] and search for "ad-aware" its top of the line in spyware removing and its free u only have to pay if u want 24/7 protection

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    Oct 2004
    If you are not sure ...
    After u turn your proxy on, go [URL=] HERE[/URL], and u will find out ! ...
    Change yourself of we will ! ...::*lip-team*::... God Save Russia !

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    Unregistered Guest
    IMHO proxying is good for: hiding your IP address (may be a solution to access the site that've banned you ) and faster browsing (sometimes) due to the proxy's internal caching.

    Hiding your information from the (local) government is much more difficult for one trivial reason: each net connection is spread over really, really long physical layer. Just imagine thousands of kilometers/miles of cables that the signal runs through. And, there's a plenty of routers in between. Many of them are undoubtly sniffing the data for intelligence and security departments. (Perhaps some commertial and criminal organisations are buying the data for their unknown reasons, but that's just a guess.)

    I like cgi-proxy like [url][/url] - you can easily find many similar pages

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