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Thread: Restarting in 60 seconds

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    Restarting in 60 seconds

    Dear all,
    I have problem with my computer(installed Windows XP), whenever I connect to the Internet (with dial-up), I always see a small window saying that the computer will be restarting in 60 seconds, because of file lsass.exe

    Please, help me to fix the problem, thank you.


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    yup,looks like sasser.


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    Dr. MAS Guest

    Thumbs up A Trick

    For this problem, I sometime try this option within those 60 seconds.

    Click on start

    Click on Run

    Type shutdown -a

    and Press Enter Key

    Now you can use internet for one session it will not shutdown again.

    Try !

    Dr. MAS

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    Sooo... The Sasser Got ya! Download the latest Microsoft Patches and then Run your Vscan Software and you will be fine. Until then copy this into notepad and save it as a .bat and click it everytime That pops up.

    echo off
    shutdown -a


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    format c:

    instal linux

    problem solved.


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    LoL ... like:

    A:\>format c:
    A:\>copy linux c:\

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