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Thread: bypass proxy server

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    aneurysm Guest

    bypass proxy server

    Not sure if this is considered a unethical hacking question. I am just curious to know. If it is, I apologize, and please delete the question.

    Many companies has proxies which many computers use to connect to the internet. But their job is to block certain sites which a worker acn not go to since it effects the productivity of the company. (ex. hotmail, ebay, etc).

    Is there anyway to find out what that proxy server is, bypass it and connect to hotmail? If so, what is the architecture behind it and how can it be done?

    I won't break my company rules for obvious reasons for not wanting to get fired, again..I was just curious to know.

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    Unregistered Guest
    to answer your question []click here[/url]

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    You can have a look on [url][/url]

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