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Thread: Can i delete an win xp user account ?

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    Question Can i delete an win xp user account ?

    Helow ppl !
    i need some info on how can i delete an user with in xp profesional with sp 2 !
    i have Administrator and another account ! and i only need administrator ! ( also the other account is with admin propreties ) so .. in windows help it saids that in other for me to delete the admin account i must create another and with that i should delete the older! if i do so` a have an administrator and another ( other ) admin accound ! so it doesn't work !
    can you help me ! thankz

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    yeah you can delete a axx in xp

    type on Run...
    "control userpasswords2"
    whit no quotes

    and select a axx to remove :P

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    you'dd better try this one:
    go to control pannel > user accounts
    click "change the way users log on or off"
    unmark "use welcome screen"
    reboot, and at the prompt, type username "administrator" and password "********************" (if you have one)
    open cmd and type:
    net user annoying /delete
    where "annoying" is the name of the user annoying you

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