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Thread: hacker?! plz help

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    hacker?! plz help

    hi guys, ive got a big problem. Ok, well this started happening a couple days ago, but my computer is sending my log reports (of my computer) to some person! my password for an online game and one of my one of my hotmail accounts has been changed and i cannot retrieve it. i just want it to stop, but my norton antivirus, spybot, or Lavasoft Ad-aware SE personal program cannot detect it. well i kno this has been happening because ever often my symantec email proxy says that its scanning an email (and i have not sent any or received any). and just a few hours ago i got a message "your email message to [email]anemone852004@**********[/email] (i dont even know this jerk!) with the subject of Log report of computer DANIEL (owner) was unable to be sent because the connection to your mail server was interrupted. PLesae open your email client and re-send that message from the sent messages folder." and i couldn't find anything. its really making me anxious and im willing to try anything!! please help! thanks guys i really appreciate this.

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    I don't know if this will fix the problem, but it is worth a try. When your computer has been remotely compromised like this, you can bet that there are hacker files(tools) that are on your computer that make this take over and control possible. So, for starters(and I know it is a lot of work), but it is your best bet. Nuke your whole hard drive and do a complete format and clean install, this will get rid of those hacker files for once and for all. Second, change all your passwords including your E-Mail Password. Third, DON'T USE MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER, it is full of security holes that can be exploited by hackers to remotely take over your computer. Instead use Mozilla FireFox Browser. Fourth, looking into a good Hardware Firewall like AlphaShield(// or if you have a old computer laying around you can turn that into a hardware firewall, go here to see how // and combine this with a good "software" firewall like Look 'n' stop, Outpost Firewall, or ZoneAlarm. Finally, go here to test your Computer Internet defenses. Download and run the various programs. // and //

    I am *7% sure that if you follow all the steps mentioned above, it will eliminate your problem for good and no hacker will again be able to remotely take over your computer. Hope that helps.

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    S***estions to find out where this guy is coming from:

    Create a batch script:

    -Works off of your computer clock
    -Every *0 min or so make it netstat -a >> c:\CatchTheHacker.txt

    If someone is compromising your system you will be able to see what port they are using and what their IP adress is.

    Just my s***estions...


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