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Thread: after get ip address

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    ABHIS Guest
    In case you run the http server from your own host, you DO NOT need any additional script.
    *00% of all http server provide a log file containing (at least)
    IP/address - date of connection - visited pages/files.

    In case your server is hosted "outside", meaning that you do not control the server resources where your html pages are located
    then you need to use a perl or php script (perl obviously is much powerful). BUT most of all, and here's the trap, you need a mail server to send emails.
    Now the question is, how can you run an email server on a remote server that you do not control its resources.??

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    ABHIS Guest
    sorry, about this mistake,
    in fact read an email client NOT an email server.
    but the problem is still the same for you.
    my attention was on a different point, elsewhere..

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    Unregistered Guest

    remote desktop access

    i have my friends ip addy and have determined an open port. hes behind a router w zone alarm. i wondering now how i can gain access to the pc. net view command does not work and is giving me an error. any help?

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    Unregistered Guest
    I have found A way to gain access to peoples computers. Serious. Read on.

    I don't think it matters if they have a firewall.

    2 Programs you need:
    A Remote Connection Software.
    I s***est "RealVNC".
    RealVNC comes with a server and a viewer.
    When you install yours install just the viewer.
    To connect to someones computer they need to have RealVNC server. By default the server open port 5*00 on the computer.
    Someone new to computer wouldn't know how to keep you out of their system.
    If you know someone who has RealVNC server and know their IP address. Load up the VNC Viewer and enter their IP address in the box. And your connected.

    If you want to hack anyone for the fun of it you need a IP and Port scanner.
    I s***est Angry IP scanner.
    Once download go to the options and select it o show only IP's with open ports. Then in the select port box set it to 5*00.
    Your Ip Scanner is now setup. Enter a range of IP addresses and then click on scan. When you find IP's with the port 5*00 open Angry IP Scanner will list them. Copy the IP address in to VNC Viewer and click on Connect.

    Please note most people password protect connections to their computer. I don't know how to break this yet. If it is password protected click on cancel and try another IP.

    Also the softwares mentioned can be searched in google.

    Another Please Note This information is for educational purposes and I will not be held responsible for the consequences you may have to face.

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    Unregistered Guest


    I don't get a name of their shared folder after i type net view\\ipadress, i jsut get this:
    accounts : computer : Config : File : Group
    and so on like that!

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    Unregistered Guest
    Can some one tell me please if is posible to hack my pc when play game on line?

    Is it posible to use game server to hack ppl?

    My son always play comand and conquer generals and he gets hes ip drop or firewall wornings on the midle of game.

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    Unregistered Guest

    how the heck

    how do i hack ip and put a keylogger on their comp then be able to check it =\

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    Unregistered Guest
    how do i get into their comp and see what they have typed i need to get someones password to somthing

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