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Thread: Internet favorites list

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    Internet favorites list

    Hey all, I recently downloaded MSN, I put some sites in my favorites list. The only problem is that I can right click to delete them. When I go to the 'organize favorites' folder, they dont even show up... same problem in windows explorer. I even downloaded a favorites deleting program and that didn't get rid of the sites.
    Does anyone know how to get rid of these?


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    look here: C:\Documents and Settings\your_name\Favorites and try deleting them. hope this works.

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    sorry didn't read very carefully. you said that didn't work...

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    Type this into your browser


    right click "Favorites" and select properties. Deselect read only.
    If the icons are directly in this folder you can delete them. If they are in a folder in this folder make sure the subfolder is not read only.

    How does this work?
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