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Thread: Mail Bomb ing

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    Mail Bomb ing

    is it really easy to get caught mail bombing or is that like a myth?

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    Exclamation The slimy trail of Snail Mail

    You're talking actual, physical bomb in the actual, physical mailbox? Uh, yeah. REAL easy to get caught.

    But, ya know, when it comes to mail, this site is definitely not about actual, physical.

    You might try [url],[/url] tho. After all, those folks coined the term "going Postal."

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    LoL - Yes ! The place to create a live bomb to place in the mailbox and send your neighbor to Allah!

    To answer your question - No it is very easy to trace mail bombs back to their source if your using someone elses server to bomb with. Ex: I hate sprint... So i use The emails you send to [email]XXX-****[/email] are coming from and not your local computer. If you get caught you may be castrated so be careful.

    *. Make sure your not using your local machine as a server
    2. Make sure the mail program is connecting through a proxy
    *. Spoof your MAC adress

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