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Thread: How do I find someone's IP address?

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    Question How do I find someone's IP address?

    Hi all,

    Firstly i'm aware i've probably posted this in the wrong section, but not knowing where to post it, I figured someone would kindly repost it somewhere else for me anyway.

    Basically i'm getting a lot of bullying and harrassment from a couple of people on a forum I discuss things on regularly, a similar site to this one, but owned by a company called YAF (Yet Another Forum).

    I want to find out who these people are, as they seem to know me, yet I don't know them. If I could find out their IP addresses then maybe I could find out who they are and put an end to this problem.

    Can someone tell me how I go about that please?


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    there are many of tool are online to check IP address
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    You would need to be moderator or admin on the forum to have access to ip addresses.

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